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Custom Latex Mattress    


Let Us Build You a Custom Mattress for Custom Comfort

Latex Mattresses:
Latex is a naturally derived biodegradable product. It comes from the rubber tree. Latex is hypoallergenic and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bacteria, mildew, and mold cannot live in latex foam. The core is covered with cotton or damask from Belgium.

Pillow Top Mattresses:

  • 12-14" High
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Damask Cotton Ticking
  • High Density
  • 1024 Inner Spring Continuous Coil Unit
Custom Mattress

The S·cape® is one of our most popular models
offering a full line of features to complete the
ultimate adjustable foundation.

  Features & Benefits

Motor: Available in Whisper Quiet (DC) or Powerlift™ (AC) motors.

Wireless Remote Control: The remote control operates the unit by wireless
communication. Illuminated, raised touch keys provide easy find buttons in
the dark. Optional features include storing your favorite comfort to memory,
and one touch flat position button.

Wallhugger®: Equipped with the Wallhugger® feature to position the bed
while maintaining continuous distance from the wall, keeping your bedside
table within easy reach.

Massage (2): Equipped with upper and lower therapeutic body massage,
including wave action to relax tired muscles from head to foot. Optional
features include intensity variation and timer.

Mobility: Optional mobility is provided by twin wheel locking casters.

Power Reserve: Optional Power Reserve for emergency lowering in case of
an electrical power outage.

Headboard brackets: Included.
Variable height options are available as an accessory to match existing
luxury bed profiles and to match existing bedroom furniture heights.
Raise and lower the head and foot sections to your desired comfort position.
Available in traditional boxspring appearance.

Memory Foam:
You can add memory/visco/space foam to your mattress by the inch. Memory Foam molds to the curves in your body and is motionless; this is the same type of foam used by NASA.

Memory Foam for a custom mattress

Custom Mattresses
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