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Custom Products

Our Bamboo Zipper Mattress Covers are made in De Mattress, Inc; in Miami, FL: USA. We can make any custom size, since we make them on our premises.

First let me tell you a little bit about the fabric that’s Inspired by Nature:
Bamboo yarn is made from 100% bamboo pulp fibre that, as a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, is fast becoming the most eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Once harvested, the bamboo is ground to a pulp from which silky soft threads are spun…
The technology available to make high quality yarns and fabrics from bamboo is still relatively in its infancy. But there’s no doubt that bamboo will enjoy an incredible future in the textile sector. Bamboo possesses a uniquely natural property that prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria. As a natural material with high breathability and ventilation, Bamboo fabric has an excellent cooling and refreshing quality, that’s what makes it so appealing when using it on Memory Foam Mattresses, or to cover your existing conventional mattress.
The Consumer Advantage
One of Bamboo’s main benefits is its inherent anti-bacterial properties. It is well known that bamboo flourishes in nature without the help of pesticides or chemicals. A constant antibiosis in bamboo and bamboo yarn yields a unique resistance to pests, bacteria and fungi. This makes Bamboo the ideal material for mattress fabrics for people with allergies. Bamboo’s anti-bacterial and fungicidal components also serve as a natural deodorant. This ensures that Bamboo mattress fabrics always smells as fresh as new.
Bamboo yarn generates minus ions. These can have an extremely positive effect on our blood circulation. We all know that an optimum circulation greatly improves our quality of life and feeling of well-being, relieves fatigue and stimulates the metabolism.

Cool Fabrics
Bamboo fibers have a highly absorbent mesh-like structure; the microscopic gaps in the bamboo fibre ensure that bamboo fabric always feels cool and fresh. They also prevent the cloth from sticking to the skin in warm weather – a form of natural ‘air-conditioning’, if you will. This microstructure also gives Bamboo fabrics its suppleness, and silky and luxurious feel.

Bamboo is an intriguing and amazing material: it is strong enough to build houses with, it provides food for man and animals, and the silky soft yarn that is spun from it has many very remarkable qualities. These mattress covers are made by h and with non-skid bottom.

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